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Cultural experience is the sum of the common values ​​and leadership of an organization. It's how an organization feels. Every experience an employee has with your company counts. And it adds up. How you communicate. Your tone. How you inform. And when. Whether you celebrate successes. And how. And how your event will be organized. Where everyone feels invited and at home. Every experience should align with your values. So Wholyness is the aspiration. For 'whole' is sacred.

Time for a radical transformation of 'the office'. We call the new function of 'the office' 'The Basecamp Feel'. The office as a base for your teams. How do they feel when they arrive? What do they need then? How do you ensure that people want to come and be there, instead of preferring to work from home?

A culture 'legacy' document. 

Which rituals do we declare sacred? Which do's and don'ts apply to us? And how do we ensure that it comes to life? That can be done in words. But preferably in pictures. Moving images provide an even better mirror in an organization. A document in which the origins can be explained, you hear the founders speak about their personal 'why' and the team members from every layer of the organization speak about where they feel the inspiration in this organization and how they personally relate to it .

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